Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, I'm borked here.

Is charisma a skill that can be learned and honed? Or is it just a natural talent that is exuded from one's genes? I think a little of both. Most people take pleasure in the company of others – they're blessed/cursed with extroverted personality types.

Human beings are highly social animals. We've gotten this far in the conquest of the planet by our ability to work together to accomplish goals. The most important, which has dominated all of our drives and actions for the last 200,000 years, being pure survival(On both individual and species levels).

I think that this was touched on in some way or another in my Religion post some months back.

None of this Ayn Randian pish and tosh (hey England, did I use that right?) about the uber importance of the individual. Yes, we are social animals, herd animals, and need leadership. We need direction for our societies to achieve these great things. This is why elections and quality candidates are so vital. But those leaders, though first amongst equals, are not more important than the masses. That probably smacks of communism, but it is the privates who make up the army and do most of the work, the sergeants who direct them. Straight on up through the hierarchy. Generals don't fight the wars themselves.

We need specialists to get the work done.

This is an odd and ironic statement for a blog with the heading of “Specialization is for Insects”. But to be completely honest, I don't expect to be able to learn a hundredth of what I've babbled about over the last several years. I am a generalist by nature, but lack the discipline to master most avenues of human knowledge. Just like I lack the ability to stay on topic for more than a couple of paragraphs.

Charisma. Networking. These are important talents and life-skills for use to have/hone. Much like the ability to proficiently perform oral sex. In order to survive and overcome we need that ability to work together, be it in small groups or great nations. And someone will need to take the lead and supply direction.

Ah, now for myself. I know that this is going to blow your mind but I'm an introvert. “Really?” You gasp audibly, whilst dropping your cinnamon bun in shocked astonishment. “Truly this man who spends his time writing essays about skills that might come in handy during/after the apocalypse is highly social, is hip deep in the club scene and is getting all of the bitches.”

Sorry, I didn't want to ruin your image of me. So feel free to keep on thinking that, while I continue on with my ramblings. I would like to point out that I do not in fact wear an eyepatch for purely stylistic purposes. I also have a kick-ass hat that I keep for emergencies.

The quiet loner type who generally prefers to keep to himself. That's me. Not a delightful descriptor of my personality, no matter how true. Generally we hear those words uttered by flabbergasted neighbors when interviewed by News Crews about their recently arrested serial killer neighbors. Yep, I expect about an hour after posting this admission that the FBI accompanied by a couple of SWAT Teams will suddenly appear at my doorstep to search my basement/attic/yard for anyone who has gone missing in the area over since the year that I was born(psychos start young).

I like persons and not people. What does that mean? Well as a buffoon with a history major I'm generally not interested in societies that aren't a thousand years dead on a distant continent. I loath several aspects of our popular culture and would like to quietly withdraw. But alas, those things I do like about our society (super markets and abundant internet porn) make that too daunting. To sum this up, I find groups of strangers exhausting.

And onwards onto the explanation. My small circle of friends is made up of Shining individuals that stick out of the pack. Many of whom happen to themselves be outgoing and sociable. I am after all attracted to that type just like anyone else, sad to say.  I do believe that I make a good and loyal friend, for anyone who has won my friendship.  It just takes a long time.

I work as a delivery driver, and have been told that I am to be the outward face of the company. To smile! And be friendly. Well, shit. I honestly prefer to stand quietly and let my counterpart do their job efficiently.  Not very compelling.

The strange part about this is that I do possess the capability to perform enthusiastically and entertainingly. I possess some modicum of wit and can be quite funny. I just lack that bit in my brain where when asked “How are you?” I respond “Not bad.” While forgetting the “and how about yourself.” 9 times out of ten.

I should really work on my attitude. Else the other survivors might just slip off and leave me to the zombies.  That is, unless I can weld with one hand all while setting broken bones and cooking one hell of a stew and reciting Shakespeare.

Well, we all know which of these is more likely.  Better crack open the Shakespeare.

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